Jaipur Blue Pottery
Jaipur Blue Pottery had the patronage of the Maharajas of Jaipur
during the 1700-1900 century, but it slowly started dwindling into a dying craft by the late 1970's.
Leela Bordia during one of her social service visits happened to see the appalling sight of the Blue Pottery craftsmen of this beautiful craft. She realized that what the craftsmen were making were merely large pots, vases and plates. These items were those that someone might purchase once in a blue moon. It didn't have the potential for daily sale. Jaipur Blue Pottery is a labour intensive industry and innovation is the key to success here. The basic stress is on handmade products in this technology driven world of today.

Innovation was the base and Leela Bordia traversed on the less travelled road for creating products that no one had ever seen or imagined within the Blue Pottery Craft. She introduced beads, knobs, hooks, utility items, candle stands, decanters, kalbeliya and jewellery items all ingrained in Blue Pottery having an exhaustive variety of shapes, colors, and textures. Her innovative streak had the magical effect in reviving back the near extinct craft to where it finds itself today with a footprint on all the inhabited continents of the world.

The innovations in Jaipur Blue Pottery found popularity among the general public, corporate gifting, 5 Star & Boutique Hotels, Curio Stores and Decorators locally as well as internationally. Jaipur Blue Pottery and Neerja International Inc. are synonymous with each other and very well known in today's world. More than a 1000 different articles can now be seen in Blue Pottery. The potter's wheel spins and creates wondrous articles that are worthy to adorn a Collectors display collection.

This attractive craft is profoundly professed at the village level itself.
The artisans are encouraged to become self reliant and in this process to keep this centuries old craft flourishing & alive.